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Conveyancing Settlement Adjuster

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Settlement Adjuster is for conveyancing settlement adjustments for both NSW and Victorian solicitors.

Adjustments can be calculated on a Paid, Unpaid or Unpaid treated as Paid basis.

Settlement Adjuster will instantly generate a settlement statement / statement of adjustments which you can export into various formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and HTML.

You can purchase annual or monthly licences.


Settlement Adjustments


Settlement Adjuster automatically calculates settlement adjustments in respect of council rates, water rates, water usage, strata levies, occupation fee/rent, interest pursuant to the contract, mortgage and caveat discharge fees, s.109 certificate fee, cancelled settlement fee, external settlement fee.

Settlement Adjustments
water rate adjustment

Water Rates

Water rates can be adjusted on a Sydney Water (rates are levied quarterly) or Hunter Water (rates are levied 3 times a year) basis.

Automatic Updates

The program provides automatic updates using Microsoft Clickonce technology.

Cheque Directions

Cheque directions can be entered for each settlement sheet. You can add frequently used cheque payees e.g. banks, councils, Sydney Water etc. to the Cheque Payee List to save you having to re-type them for each individual settlement sheet.

Adjustment Calculator


Adjustment calculator is a tool included to enable you to calculate individual adjustments on a financial year or quarterly basis, or you can enter a custom adjustment period.

adjustment calculator

Date calculator


Daycounter is a simple date calculator tool included to enable you to quickly calculate the number of days between 2 dates

Export Settlement Statement

Settlement statements can be exported to any of the following file formats:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word
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Purchase Licence

An annual licence is only $330 if you purchase a 3 - user/computer licence. You can also purchase a 30-day licence for $75. Buy a licence online using a credit card or Paypal, its quick and easy.

Purchase Licence